How to Build a Strong Homeschooling Support Network

4 min read   •   January 18, 2024
Elmien Ackerman

In most inspiring stories, the main character does not defeat the villain, complete an epic journey, or change the world alone. The hero usually relies on a cast of supporting characters to help them on their quest.

As you are about to embark on your homeschooling journey for the new academic year, we wanted to remind you that as the hero of your homeschooling story, you are not alone. At Impaq Homeschooling, we provide the resources and support you need to thrive on your homeschooling adventure.

Use OLP as your personalised homeschooling guide

The Optimi Learning Portal (OLP) is your personalised homeschooling guide. Access thousands of crafted digital resources through OLP, including videos, quizzes, study notes, and more.

Here’s why you need to log in today:

  • Use the carefully crafted lesson plans and personalised weekly calendars to plan ahead
  • Track your child’s progress
  • Identify areas that need more attention
  • Capture marks
  • Generate rapport cards​

The user-friendly platform breaks the work down into bite-sized bits to help you and your child know what to focus on during each term.

Connect with the Impaq community

One of the most valuable resources at your disposal is the Impaq community. Our Facebook page is the perfect place for homeschooling families to connect, share experiences, and offer encouragement. Join the page and discover a wealth of information, including homeschooling tips, inspirational stories, and upcoming events.

We also understand that homeschooling needs can vary depending on your child’s age and grade. We have created age-specific Facebook groups to provide more focused support: Grades R–3, Grades 4–9, and Grades 10–12. These groups offer a safe space for parents to connect with others facing similar challenges and share advice and resources tailored to their needs.

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Nurture a love for learning

At Impaq, we believe in providing high-quality educational resources that make learning fun and engaging. Our CAPS-aligned textbooks are designed by experienced educators and packed with captivating content to spark your child’s curiosity and ignite their passion for learning.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive facilitator’s guides, giving you the tools to make learning a seamless and enjoyable experience. These guides include subject plans, suggested timetables, and detailed lesson guidance, empowering you to create an environment that nurtures a love for learning.

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Monitor your child’s progress

Evaluating your child’s progress is essential for identifying areas where they excel and those that require additional attention. For Grade R to 9 learners, we provide all the formal assessment components you need to track your child’s progress at home. To ensure the credibility of assessments for learners in Grades 10 to 12, we mark all tasks, tests, and examinations (except for the final NSC examination, which is marked by the assessment body, SACAI).

Additionally, we offer convenient assessment events through our Optimi Plus online store. Easily book an assessment event near you to ensure your child completes the required orals and practical assessment tasks (PATs).

Go beyond the basics with specialised support and resources

At Impaq, we go beyond the basics and offer additional support for learners through our live and recorded subject guidance sessions. Our dedicated education specialists lead these online sessions and provide valuable insights and strategies to supplement your child’s learning and address any challenges they may encounter. Our dedicated education specialists are also available year-round to answer specific academic questions. Reach out to them any time by sending an email to

We also recognise the importance of staying informed and learning new homeschooling strategies. Our regularly hosted webinars are designed to do just that. These online sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn from experts, ask questions, and gain valuable insights to enhance your homeschooling experience.

For parents seeking extra support, our website features a directory of tutors who utilise Impaq’s products and services. Many homeschooling families find that enlisting the help of a skilled tutor can provide their children with the individualised attention they need to thrive. Click here to find a tutor near you.

Explore our one-stop learning shop

Finally, don’t forget about our one-stop online shop, Optimi Plus. Whether you are looking for interactive apps, educational games, or specialised learning resources, you are sure to find something to enhance your child’s journey at Optimi Plus. For a complete product catalogue and grade-specific pricing, visit

Building a strong homeschool support network goes beyond textbooks and lesson plans; it’s about creating a community that understands and supports your journey. Connect, engage, and leverage these resources to thrive on your homeschooling adventure.