My child has unique academic needs. How can Impaq help?

6 min read   •   February 6, 2020
Elmien Ackerman – Copywriter

At Impaq, we know that every child is unique. Every learner studies at his/her own pace and some might need to spend more time on certain subjects to ensure they grasp the basic concepts. We aim to help learners, who have unique academic needs, achieve their goals. 

What does unique academic needs mean?

Learners with special academic needs have learning problems or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than other children of the same age. 

How can Impaq help learners with special academic needs?

Impaq provides learners with the following:

  • Easy-to-understand lesson material
  • A flexible schedule
  • More time to spend on difficult subjects
  • A national network of independent tutors
  • Additional support including Cami practice software and Quanta Books
  • Access to readers and scribes 

Make use of easy-to-understand lesson material

Impaq’s lesson materials and facilitator guides make it possible for learners to easily complete Grade R to 12 at home. The lesson material is compiled by our education specialists who are experts in their respective fields. They know exactly how to compile content in a simplistic way; making it easy for the learner to understand and for the parent to teach.

Impaq’s lesson materials are aligned with the national curriculum (CAPS), which means that learners can receive a National Senior Certificate (NSC) at the end of Grade 12.

Grade 12 learner, Hermien Engelbrecht, registered with Impaq last year and her mother, Hanlie, says that it was the best decision that she could have made. Hermien was struggling academically but after working through Impaq’s easy-to-understand lesson material, Hermien’s average improved from 52% to 73%. “I have a totally different child,” Hanlie explains. Hermien is now more positive and filled with hope for the future. She dreams of studying to become a teacher after completing Grade 12.

Study according to a flexible schedule

The flexible nature of Impaq’s distance education learning model allows learners to study at their own pace.

Grade 7 learner, Kayla King, is on the autism spectrum and is easily distracted. Her mother, Maryna, says that since Kayla started with Impaq she has her confidence back. The curriculum gives Kayla the option to work at her own pace and Maryna says that this has made all the difference. “There is an answer for parents who no longer know where to go with their children, a way out that gives parents and children the opportunity to have a passion for learning again.”

Kayla now has time for extracurricular activities and regularly spends time outdoors horse riding. “I’m thankful that there is an option where our children, who are different from the norm, have the opportunity to get a school qualification,” Maryna adds.

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Spend more time on difficult subjects

The flexibility that Impaq’s distance education learning model provides allows learners to spend more time on difficult subjects. While some learners easily grasp certain subjects, others might need to spend a bit more time making sure they understand the basic concepts.

One of the subjects many learners struggle with is Mathematics. This was no exception for Jessie Evans who was unable to grasp certain terms in Mathematics and was bullied because of it. “She hated the subject to such an extent that she mindfully and intentionally blocked it out,” her mother Penny explains.

After being told about homeschooling, Penny registered Jessie with Impaq for Grade 5 and enlisted the help of a tutor to educate Jessie. “The turnaround in my child is significant, I am speechless and left with no way to explain except with the word BRILLIANT.” Jessie now wakes up eager to learn and her marks for tasks have improved from 50% to 85%.

Get the help of a tutor

Many home education parents enlist the support of tutors, who are often qualified teachers, to supplement their child’s education. On Impaq’s website, you can find a list of independent tutors near you.

Benjamin Higginson registered with Impaq for Grade 1 at the beginning of 2019. His mother Rumay van Niekerk explains that Benjamin could only speak a few words when he started his learning journey in January. “To our surprise, he was able to read his first reading lesson after only two weeks of tutoring,” Rumay explains.

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Find additional support

Impaq also provides additional support, which includes Cami’s practice software and Quanta Books.

Cami offers a collection of fun and interactive educational software programs that help learners excel in Mathematics, and improve their reading, literacy and perceptual skills. Impaq learner, 14-year-old Blake Gallacher, relies on supplementary products to help him achieve academic success. “Supplementary products such as Cami give me a great advantage,” Blake explains.

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Quanta Books are aimed at learners in Grade 10, 11 and 12. The series has proven to be an excellent tool in preparing Physical Sciences learners for test and examinations.

Consider a concession

A concession/accommodation/exemption is an alternative or adaptive method of assessment for learners with barriers to learning and development. Some of the barriers to learning that might hamper learners’ achievements include:

  • learning difficulties
  • learning disabilities
  • psychological disorders
  • physical disabilities
  • medical conditions
  • traumatic incidents

Readers and scribes are frequently used to manage approved accommodations. A reader reads all the text in an examination paper to a learner while a scribe writes verbatim what the learner dictates.

When Jesse McMaster started Grade 1, it was confirmed that he has severe dyslexia. He was offered a scribe to assist him with his assessments which has helped build his confidence while transferring the information in his head onto paper. Jesse’s mom, Tamara, says that they have enjoyed the curriculum so far. “I have recommended it to many of our friends who are looking for alternative schooling options. Thank you Impaq for your creativity and flexibility, you have changed our lives,” she concludes.

Learners who experience barriers to learning may apply for special accommodations and/or exemptions with Impaq. Send an email to for more information.

Keep in mind that Impaq’s lesson material is based on the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) followed by most public schools in South Africa and is not specifically designed for special needs learners. Our distance education learning model, however, provides learners with the flexible schedule they need to study at their own pace and spend more time on difficult subjects.