Navigating PATs and orals: Impaq makes it easy!

5 min read   •   April 18, 2024
Elmien Ackerman

Whether you are cooking up a storm for Hospitality Studies, growing fodder crops on a farm for Agricultural Management Practices, taking centre stage with a monologue for Dramatic Arts, or presenting your oral for English Home Language, PATs and orals are designed to put your skills and knowledge to the test.

But mastering PATs and orals isn’t just about good grades – it’s about building a skillset for the real world. We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you conquer these assessments with confidence!

What are PATs and orals?

PATs stand for “practical assessment tasks”. Unlike traditional tests that focus on memorisation and theory, PATs require you to use a combination of information, data, and unique creative ideas to solve problems, discover brand-new solutions and develop a deeper understanding of the subject content. You need to complete PATs for the following subjects:

  • Agricultural Management Practices
  • Computer Applications Technology
  • Consumer Studies
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Engineering Graphics & Design
  • Hospitality Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism
  • Visual Arts

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Visual Arts assessor

Orals, on the other hand, are spoken assessments where you verbally demonstrate your understanding of a subject by discussing a topic you have been studying, a persuasive speech on an issue you care about, or even a creative presentation where you explain a concept in a fun and engaging way. You need to complete orals for the following subjects:

  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • isiZulu First Additional Language

PATs and orals are compulsory components contributing 25% towards your final grade, making them crucial for academic success. It’s important that you prioritise these important milestones on your learning journey!

What is an assessor, and why do I need one?

Assessors are qualified teachers with valid SACE numbers and relevant experience who assess your PATs and orals in Grades 10 to 12. In the case of Agricultural Management Practices, the qualified assessor will be a farmer or a veterinarian.

Agricultural Management Practices PAT: Farmer


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Depending on the subject and the grade you’re in, you will need either a competent OR an Impaq-approved assessor to assess your PATs and orals. The only difference is that the latter needs to be pre-approved by Impaq. Read more here to learn which type of assessor is required for your PAT or oral.

What’s the easiest way to complete my PATs and orals?

At Impaq Homeschooling, we want to help you easily complete your PATs and orals. That’s why we offer valuable assessment events where you can complete these assessments throughout the year. Visit our online store, Optimi Plus, to book your spot at any of our upcoming in-person or Zoom assessment events. Can’t find a suitable event? No worries! You can request a list of Impaq-approved assessors by sending an email to Looking for a virtual assessment for your Consumer Studies/Hospitality Studies PATs? Simply send an email to

Hospitality Studies PAT

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Strategic steps to ace your PATs and orals

To ace your PATs and orals, you need a solid game plan. Here are some strategic steps to help you excel:

  • Follow the guidelines: Before starting on your PAT or oral, look at the subject requirements to ensure you know what type of assessor is required for each subject. Carefully read through the PAT guidelines when you download these tasks from the Optimi Learning Portal (OLP) to ensure you know exactly what is expected of you.
  • Start early: Don’t wait until the deadline looms to begin working on your PAT. Break the assessment down into manageable chunks and dedicate time each week or month to actively work on your PATs to ensure that you stay on track. You can also find suggested completion dates for each phase of your PAT on OLP. All PATs and orals must be completed by the final submission date as specified on the Impaq calendar.
  • Befriend the mark sheet: Look at the mark sheet to see what the assessor is looking for. This will guide your approach and help you meet the necessary PAT or oral requirements. Click here to see how and what to submit for PATs and orals.
  • Seek help when needed: Reach out to the Impaq education specialist if you have questions or need clarification on any aspect of the process. Our education specialists are happy to offer their guidance and support.
  • Embrace the opportunity: See PATs and orals as a chance to showcase your creativity and subject mastery. These tasks test your skills in a way that standard tests or exams can’t, so use the opportunity to be creative!

PATs and orals

Remember that these assessments contribute to your final grade and can make a significant impact on your learning journey, so ensure you are well-prepared to complete them and showcase your abilities. Impaq is here to support you every step of the way! If you need more information or assistance completing a PAT or oral, contact us at