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Tutors can provide an important supporting role to a child’s learning journey.

Tutor support for parents

Many home education parents enlist the support of tutors, who are often qualified teachers, to supplement their child’s learning at home. Impaq provides an online platform to help parents and learners find a tutor in their area.

Please note: Tutors listed on this website are independent businesses and are not owned, licensed, or affiliated with Impaq. This list is updated on a regular basis, but we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the information.

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Tutors provide an important supporting role to a child’s learning journey. Learning support is provided either on an individual basis between a tutor and a learner or within a group setting. Parents often choose to enlist the services of tutors to supplement their children’s education as tutors are uniquely equipped to support the home/distance education parent.

Tutors can:

  • provide academic and subject-specific support,
  • conduct invigilation for specific grades (subject to certain requirements in Grades 10 to 12), and
  • provide assessment support.

It is important to note that tutoring services cannot be offered in a manner that resembles a school.

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